Custom Photo Collages
Do you have photos that you would like combined into one photo?   Provide me with
your photos in digital format(JPEG or TIFF preferred) or copies of your originals
then I can design a collage for you. Items to consider when thinking of a collage is
which photo do you want to be your focal point then prioritize them according to
importance for the collage. I will do my best to use all of your photos but if I feel
that the designs suffers from too many photos then I may remove a few. See the
samples below for types of designs to consider. If you have a idea then let me put
my creativity and imagination to work for you.  Together we can create a unique
photo that will be timeless.

Basic Package includes working with up to 10 digital photos (email or CD) and a 8X 10
glossy photo with a black or white double mat.                                      

Additional costs for scanning of copies, additional photos, photo editing, canvas,
matting and larger size. Please contact me using the Contact us web page or email me
at to discuss your request.
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