"Red Rage on black"
inspired by the iris,
Thornbird.  June 2008
"Red Rage on White" inspired
by the Iris, Thornbirds. Shown
in the Celebration of Art in
Antioch.  June 2008.
"Honey Do" inspired by
the Iris,  Whipped Honey.   
"Misty Morning" inspired by
the Iris, Mists of Avalon.
October 2008.
Newest Addition to
the gallery
"Chardonnay" inspired by the Iris,
Chardonnay and Ice. January 2009
If you are interested in purchasing a painting  or  a 11X 14 print
please email me for availability and pricing at
sherry@dragonstarcre8.com.  All available paintings and prints are
displayed and for sale at my shows. See Show dates for 2012
schedule. Check back often. Preparing for 2012 shows and have 3
paintings in the works at all times.
To view painting in larger format just click on the painting you wish.
"French Can Can"
Inspired by the Iris,
French Can Can Feb
Not for Sale
"Tropical Paradisio"
inspired by a Kauai Bird of
Paradise April 2009
"Lullaby Baby"
Inspired by the
Iris, Desert
Lullaby May 2009
inspired by the
Iris, Devil's
Riot, May 2009
"Mystical Magic Ride"
inspiration is Waimea
Canyon Sunset June 2009
"Beach Babes 1" First
in my new series.
June 2009
"Angel Blues"
Orchid #4 March
Serengeti Skies
inspired by the Iris,
Serengeti Spaghetti.  
"Purple Kisses"
inspired by the Iris,
Seakist. August
2008.Displayed at
Fridley Gallery.
"Hidden Beauty"
inspired by the Iris,
Stairway to Heaven.  
July 2008
"True Colors"
Inspired by
unknown Iris.
April 2009
"Mellow Yellow"
Orchid #2 Feb 2009
"Dragon Tears" Inspired by the
Iris, Gentle Dragon. Feb 2009
"Rare Colors"  
inspired by the Iris,
Rare Find. June 2008
"Beach Babes 2"
August 2009
"Heaven Sent" Inspired
by the iris, Stairway to
Heaven. August 2009
"Butter Up"Inspired by the iris,
Melted Butter. June 2009
"Going Dutch"  
inspiration dutch
irises Sept 2009
Beach Babes 3
Sept 2009
Chip & Sip with the
Sept 2009
"Pepper in the
Garden" January
"Pink Passion"
January 2010
"Purple Tiger" Orchid #1
February 2009
March 2010
"Heat Wave"
March 2010
Moody Batik Blues
April 2010
Splish Splash
April 2010
"Torch Song"
Orchid #3
March 2009
"Morning Dew"
inspired by the
Iris, Waimea
Sunset. Aug.
"Dew Drop
Magic" March
2009 Inspired
by the Iris,
Giraffe Kneehz
"On a Clear Wing"
Sept 2010
"Ice Blues"
August  2010
"Bee Poppy"
August 2010
Dreaming" August
July 2010
inspired by
the Iris,
"Canadians at
April 2011
April 2011
"Sea Kissed" Jan
2011 There is
lady painted in the
Muses" Feb
2011. There are a
man and woman
painted in the
"Fun-Guy" 2011.
Mushrooms in Hawaii.
"V"  2010
"Irises and Poppies" 2010
"Dragon Fire"
Mar 2011 Do
you see the
dragon ?
"Heavenly Body
Can you see the
lady? Jan 2011
"Budding Beauty"
August 2011 Do you
see the lady?
"Got Tequila?"
August 2011
"Snow Queen" 2011
Do you see the lady?
"Tiger's Tale"
"Dragon Star" 2011
Do you see the
"Looking for Trouble"
"Found Trouble" 2011
"Heavenly Gifts"
July 2011
"Dragons of the
Eternal Fire" July
2011 Do you see the
two dragons?
"Blue Moon" 2011 Do
you see the lady?
"The Dragonfly" 2010
"Hanging On" Oct. 2011
Do you see the lady?
"Dragon's Fortune"
Oct 2011
"Shining Star"
Sept 2011 SOLD
"Flambe" 2010
"The Dogs & 1 Cat"
"Lady Lupine" Feb. 2012.
 Can you find the lady?
"the Burrowing
Owls"   Sept 2011
"The Message" 2012
"Christmas Spirit" Dec
2011. Do you see the lady?
June 2012
"Daddy's Beach
Babes" July 2012
"Snap Dragon" 2011
Can you find the
"Jelly Joy Rider" Can
you see the
mermaid? 2012
"BFF" 2012
"Poinsettia Magic" Nov 2012
Can you see the nymph?